Fresh Furnace Filter Benefits – True Comfort Heating

Fresh Furnace Filter Benefits – True Comfort Heating

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How often you change your furnace’s filter will depend on the size of the filter and other factors. As a general rule, a one- to two-inch filter should get changed every three months. Change a three- to four-inch filter every six to nine months. You won’t have to change a five- to six-inch filter for nine to 12 months. Following this general guide will ensure your heated air is clean and processed efficiently by the furnace. In addition, there are specific benefits to keeping a fresh filter in your home’s furnace.

A Clean Furnace Filter In Des Moines, IA, Will Eliminate More Allergens

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A larger household will generally introduce more allergens into your home. Each person who enters your home will attract pollen and other external allergens inside. Once those contaminants are present, they will get drawn into your furnace along with the air that the system will heat.

If your furnace filter is already clogged with dust and debris, those contaminants will get recirculated into your home. This means you’ll continue breathing particles that will cause your seasonal allergies to worsen.


Cost-Effective Heating Relies On A Clean Filter

Replacing your furnace filter in Des Moines, IA, will ensure air flows better through the filter before it’s released into your home.

While a dirty filter can slow down that flow of air and force the system to work harder, a fresh filter will let your system operate with ease. This means you’ll use less energy to heat your home, and your utility bills will remain consistently lower.

Keep Up With Pet Dander With A Fresh Filter

You should replace your furnace filter in Des Moines, IA, more frequently than recommended if you live with pets. That’s because pet dander can accumulate quickly and lead to more blockages in the filter. Keeping a fresh filter will ensure there won’t be heavier pet dander in the air, and that will improve your overall indoor air quality.

Trust The Pros To Keep Your Furnace In Great Condition

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