Tune Up Your Furnace!

Tune Up Your Furnace!

Depending on the quality of the equipment, your furnace should last for 15 to 30 years. You can help the heating system last longer by scheduling annual tune-ups for your furnace. Schedule your yearly maintenance for early fall to fully prepare the system for use during the colder months. Doing so will give you several benefits.

Don’t Get Left In the Cold

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One of the most important reasons you should search “tune-up furnace in Des Moines, IA” is that it will protect your family against harsh, cold weather. A tune-up will help you catch problems early, allowing you to schedule repairs on your own time. Otherwise, an unexpected malfunction could leave you without heat during a crucial period.

Tune-Up Furnace In Des Moines, IA, To Ensure The Safe Use Of Your Heating System

When your HVAC technician services your furnace during the tune-up, they will inspect the heat exchanger. This component consists of a series of coils that help transfer heat. If the exchanger cracks or becomes faulty in any way, it could lead to the release of carbon monoxide in your home.

Every home that uses a traditional furnace should have a carbon monoxide detector. If you suspect exposure, call the fire department and your HVAC technician immediately. It’s also a good precaution to leave your home until the leak has been properly repaired.

Heat Your Home For Less

You’ll save money by searching for “tune-up furnace in Des Moines, IA.” Regular maintenance on your furnace will reduce wear and tear damage. As the furnace suffers from wear and tear, it will have to work harder to provide the same level of comfort. This increases energy waste, driving up your utility costs.

Reduce Your Need For Repairs And Replacement Parts

Along with saving on utilities, you can protect the components of the furnace by reversing wear and tear damage. Parts will last longer and perform better over a longer period of time. This will reduce your need for repairs and replacement parts.

Schedule Heating Maintenance Today!

True Comfort Heating and Cooling provides maintenance, repairs, and new system installation services. Even if it’s later in the season, we can still give your furnace a full inspection and tune-up that will improve its efficiency. To schedule a tune-up, contact us today.